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'You can always tell a Norfolk man, but you can't tell him much.' Sidney Grapes

Jimmy and George

Grandfather David Lines with the brothers Wickham (George, on the right, was my Godfather).
Somewhere up Britons Lane, Beeston Regis in the late 1940s.

I love history.  Not the dry-as-dust lists of facts and dates that made school lessons so boring, or those dumbed-down TV documentaries based around a celebrity presenter, but details of the past that I can visualise, understand and relate to - in particular, what was life like for my ancestors in the towns and villages of Norfolk and Suffolk, especially those who worked on the land?   How did the coast and countryside change over time?      

While rooting around in old books and photographs I took notes and transcribed some of the manuscript documents that I thought might interest a wider audience on line.   Here are a few.  Please get in touch if you want to correct, comment or expand on any details contained in the various files. 

Bill Atkins



The Erpingham Union - Transcribed minutes of the meetings of the Erpingham Union Guardians of the Poor from January 1836 to January 1852 (inclusive) together with supporting documents including indexed lists of the names of those mentioned (over 1500 paupers and over 1000 tradesmen and contractors).

Building the new Aylsham Workhouse - A ten year tale of procrastination as told by the Minutes of the Board of Guardians' meetings.

Birth and Death in Aylsham Union - Transcriptions of the birth, baptism, death and burial registers for the Oulton, Buxton and Aylsham workhouses.

The Aylsham Union Casual Ward - A description of how homeless wanderers were treated in the 19th. Century, together with a transcription of the Aylsham Workhouse Admission and Discharge books that recorded details of the Vagrants who passed through the House between 1867 and 1900.  11,600 names have been indexed.

Aylsham Union Servants & Apprentices - Transcribed details of the 88 Pauper children who were placed in employment by the Poor Law Guardians between 1880 and 1903.

Gresham Board School -  A transcription of the village school's Log Book for the period 1874 to 1900, with additional illustrated historical notes and details of all the people mentioned in the book.

Local and Family History Documents - Files on various topics.

On-line Resources - Web sites that are useful aids to research.


1.  I am extremely grateful to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and its FamilySearch web site for making freely available many millions of records without cost or restriction.

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